Art for Living

Sculpture ”EK-0” to Dalénum Lidingö STOCKHOLM, aluminum and stainless-steel, with JM Fastigheter AB and KiWi AB 2016.

Art for Bronz Lovers

”Sculpture ”Dotty” soon off to Göteborg, ready in april 2021, commissioned by Göteborg konst and Poseidon.

Art for Space

”The Comet/Kometen” a sculpture for Härryda 2018, stainless steel, polyester and aluminium, commissioned by Härryda kommun and KiWi AB.

Art for Students

”Saturnus/Green Ghost Tree” 2018, aluminum, polyester, concrete. Sculpture for Björkhagaskolan i Lindesberg, with Lindesberg kommun, Libo and Exposed.

Art for Campus

”Moby Dick” 2004-2016, polyester and aluminum, Stockholm universitet Commissioned by Konstrådet 2004.

Art for Everybody

”Jet” 2016, stainless steel and aluminium, Universitetssjukhuset Linköping with Region Östergötland and AM-Public.

Art for Göteborg

Sculpture ”Dotty” to GÖTEBORG brons and polyester, commissioned by Göteborg konst and Poseidon, Adventsvägen Kortedala 2021.

Art for Malmö

“Gulliver” a sculpture for Hammarspark in Malmö, 2010, polyester and aluminum commissioned by Konstrådet.

Art for Bees

“Bee There” and ”Honey Drops” sculptural art projects for Gamla Gatan in Örebro 2014 and for Nya Centralsjukhuset in Karlstad 2018, commissioned by Örebro kommun and Region Värmland konst.

Art for Järfälla

”Blown Away” 2012 polyester and aluminum, Barkarby/Ålsta torg with Järfälla kommun.

Art for Härryda

”The Comet/Kometen” finish-work and installing lights Mölnlycke spring 2019 Commissioned by Härryda kommun and KiWi.