Art in progress

I have made the choise to be involved in as many different aspects as possible in the making of my sculptures. How material work and feel, different artist techniques and methods. There´s also more technical and mechanical regards in artwork, for example, in kinetic art, inflatable, or illuminated artwork etc. Or just basic aspects of construction and framework.
Being able to work and collaborate with professional art and craft colleagues is always a bliss.

Works in ALUMINIUM at Westermalms Metallgjuteri AB, Norsborg.

Art for Spatial Experiments

In my everyday work in artstudios and work-in-process situations I alway make room for experiments with color and spatial elements. It’s a very free exploring of art, design and architecture. Color is the drug.
Artwork often start with the basic materials clay and plaster and evolve to metal and plastic.
Working with art in public space, durability and knowledge how materials behave over time is very important. Aestheticallyt the choices of materials reflect my personal preferences of what i think makes a good public sculpture. As an artist you have to believe your own taste in art and you can’t please everyone.

Small becomes Large

Clay work and 3D modelling and large scale styrofoam cutting.

Art in process

Works in BRONZ at E.Pettersson Konstgjuteri AB, Stockholm.

Art and Craft

COLOR WORKS at Danbolack AB i Södertälje.

Art for all Colors

Tan, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Black, White.

Art for Studio Visit

Possible by appointment